Sandra Tomb

Sandra Tomb is a Lebanese Canadian artist who was raised in an artistic environment. Her father, the renowned lebanese artist Fouad Tomb encouraged her, in fact, to pursue her aspiration and develop her artistic talent. After discovering her love and passion for drawing and painting, she participated in various competitions and collective art exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon. When it was time for her to pursue her professional development, she chose to pursue her studies in drawing and painting and enrolled in the art history program in UQAM Montreal, Canada.During this time she explored and found her personal style and identity in art. After having accomplished her goals in Canada, she decided to go back to her roots, rediscover the orient and paint her personal vision of the Arab world.

Her paintings is heavily influenced by music and dance. Colours play a special role in her art work, as they are able to express her inner self and bring out her personality and her mood of life.


My art is a projection of my feelings and emotions through lived experience. Every brush stroke is a representation of my inner self; every touch is a reflection of my state of mind. The colors that i choose stamp from a burst of energy and are entirely the work of my imagination. It is a fantasy world that is eager to create where beauty prevails.. I am surrounded by beauty and my pieces passionately depict emotions human beings experience through their day to day interactions. I tend to apprehend human relations by focusing more on color motion than facial expression. It's all about externalizing my feelings, as well as reflecting to others, moments they can relate too.